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Ultima Selectronic Exposed Toilet Flush Valve, Piston-Type, Hard-Wired AC , Dual Flush 1.6 / 1.1 gpf {0} {0} 5 Selectronic Exposed Toilet Flush Valve, PWRX Long-Life Battery , Dual Flush 1.6 / 1.1 gpf Differences between Canister Flush Valve vs Flapper ... But for canister flush valves, you'll have the seal, the tower (cylinder), and the buttons. While these tend to last a lot of time, resist more impurities and chemicals than flappers, they still wear down and break.Re: American Standard Champion 4 Flush Valve Tower; Author: LemonPlumber (FL) Pull out the whole closet and return to place of purchase for full refund.Then report the defect to the local water management and ask them to help you resolve this million gallon a year issue.That you are afraid may only get worse.Great to get your tax dollars to help you help everyone.well unless you own a.s.One of ...

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Like the 3-inch flapper-style flush valve, the 3-inch tower flush valve has a 3-inch opening in the tank where the water goes into the bowl. But while a flapper partially obstructs the valve opening, the tower-style valve allows for water to leave the tank unrestricted (360-degree flow), which can produce a faster flush.Kit contains replacement seals for tower style flush valves: Kohler and American StandardFits Kohler Class Five & Class SixFits American Standard Champion 3Engineered materials resist chlorine,Proven longest lasting5 year warranty American Standard 7381551-401.0070A ACTIVATE Flush Valve Tower Assembly

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white actuator on the flush tower in the tank. WATER LEVEL ADJUSTMENT KNOB FLUSH VALVE LITE FLUSH ADJUSTMENT FULL FLUSH ADJUSTMENT BAYONET RELEASE PUSH BUTTON SILICONE SEAL REFILL TUBE WATER SUPPLY LINE FILL VALVE Lite Flush Button (with 3 dots) for liquid waste. 1.0 gal/flush 3.8 L/flush Full Flush Button (with 9 dots) for solid waste. 1.6 gal ...